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2020 New Battery Technology - Tesla

September 30, 2020
2020 New Battery Technology - Tesla

As 2020 is drawing to an end, the beginning of a new battery technology is finally set to revolutionise and main stream the electric car.

As an electric scooter company, the team here at Solar are always keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements in battery technology and manufacturing. This is includes but is not limited to news from Tesla; the silicon valley company dominating the electric car industry and renewable energy industry alike. 

On September 22nd 2020, Tesla held their much anticipated Battery Day in which they revealed their incredible roadmap to accelerating the worlds transition to renewable transport. They outlined their amazing advancements in battery cell design, manufacturing, mining, factory efficiencies and more.

In short, all of the advancements meant a 54% increase in range in their vehicles, a 56% decrease in $ per KWh and a 69% decrease in investment per GWh. If those numbers don't mean anything to you, believe us when we say if what Tesla are stating is true, it is nothing short of game changing for the industry; both in transport and renewable energy.

The entire battery day presentation can be watched here:


Lewis Martin
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