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Making it a reality - Tron Package (Part 2)

September 17, 2020
Making it a reality - Tron Package (Part 2)


We want the real Tron Package to be as true to life as the original render, with the light strip embedded into the deck design rather than stuck to the outside of the existing deck which would not achieve the same effect. For this to work we need the design to be as vertically integrated as possible in the sense that we build it ourselves in-house, to ensure build quality and cost efficiency of manufacturing. 

In saying this however, there is only so much we can achieve without needing special equipment. An example of this is the custom aluminium deck needed to house the electroluminescent lighting strips, ideally we need to create a 'sandwich' structure within the deck consisting of two identical pieces - a top and a bottom plate, then in between them a same shaped metal wafer that is ever so slightly smaller which will create the recess needed to house the lighting strips.

After getting in touch with various aluminium fabricators around the UK, we are now in talks with a reputable company based in Manchester that can assist us with designing a prototype deck for v1.0 of the Tron Package.

Attached below is an animation we made to show how the fabricators will design the custom deck and how it will all go together on the scooter:

Once the first prototype has been built, we will then begin to figure out the wiring aspect of fitting the lights to the battery and control units of the scooter, ensuring it's compatibility with the existing scooter controls / buttons such as the front light switch.

Part 3 coming soon.



Lewis Martin
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