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Solar P1 vs Giant Trance E+ 3

October 12, 2020
Solar P1 vs Giant Trance E+ 3

In our recent YouTube upload we compared two performance EV's the Solar P1 and the Giant TranceE+ 3, a high-end performance ebike.

Although the two are EV's they are totally different in terms of markets, but fun to compare nevertheless. We begin first with the Giant looking over its features such as hydraulic breaks, suspension systems, battery and motors.

Throughout the first half of the video we look at how it rides, testing the various features and systems before taking it off road and really putting it through its paces. 

Afterwards we move onto the Solar P1 going over the features such as AWD, large lithium ion battery and so on... before taking it off road to see how it fairs up to the performance of the Giant in which it comes very close! Obviously, the P1 beats the Giant in terms of top speed, acceleration etc being fully motorised, whereas the Giant is just electric assist. 

We end the video comparing the prices of the two EV's. 

Giant: £3500.00+

Solar: £969.99.00

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