Introducing the revolutionary Solar P1 2.0 Electric Scooter.

With our brand new Solar P1 2.0 electric scooter, you will get a high quality riding experience and true comfort. The scooter features luxurious options like a 2400W electric motor, 3 different speed modes as well as front and back suspension.

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Controls & features

Our electric scooters will allow you to get from A to B with ease. The scooters are capable of riding almost every road. Because of strong grip tires; rain, slopes and even small objects are no problem for Solar scooters. Controlling the scooter will be easy – a responive throttle controls the speed. [P1 Control Display]

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Ideal in every city!

More than just a brand.

Replace your traditional vehicles and get around in a revolutionary way! Our goal is to offer you a revolutionary electric scooter which features luxurious options and great comfort. We strive to accomplish this by providing you with our electric scooter. Previous customers' experiences motivate us to work harder and accomplish our mission on a larger scale! We hope you will enjoy our product as much as we do making it available to you.