The amazing Solar P1 2.0 Fingerprint eDITION

The new Solar P1 2.0 Fingerprint Edition electric scooter; get a high quality riding experience and true comfort. The scooter features luxurious options like dual 2400W electric motors, 3 different speed modes as well as front and back suspension. The battery is capable of up to a 30 mile range. The fingerprint scanner is one of the highest levels of safety on a scooter, meaning it cannot be started without the owner.

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Controls & features

Solar electric scooters will allow you to get from one destination to the next with ease. The scooters are capable of riding almost every road. Because of strong grip tires; rain, slopes and even small objects are no problem for Solar scooters. Controlling the scooter will be easy – a responsive throttle controls the speed. [P1 Pro Control Display]

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Being part of the Solar Scooters community, you will benefit from some of the best help and support with your scooter. Whether you are a beginner or expert, our dedicated specialist team will assist you along your journey with Solar. We have a dedicated in-house repair hub where we service and repair all Solar scooters. From setting up your scooter to tire change or upgrades, Solar Support has you covered.

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