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The Best All Rounder Scooter

The P1 2.0 is one of the worlds best selling electric scooters. Equipped with dual 1200W motors equaling 2400W of pure nominal performance. A 52V 18Ah battery will last around 30 miles in range when used in average speed modes. To top it all off, a maximum speed of 40mph will keep the thrills and enjoyment a regular occurrence. The P1 2.0 comes with a key start or fingerprint start. Dual charging ports for a faster charge. Front hydraulic quad spring suspensions and a rear large shock suspension. Tron Package Available, Designed And Created In The UK.
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The Best Designed And Most Comfortable Riding Scooter

Designed In The UK, the FF Lite, may sound it's Lite, but is quite the contrary. Equipped with two 1600W motors, FF lite produces a whopping 3200W nominal power (peak power of 5000W). It's truly a scooter for the rider who likes to travel in style, in comfort and with speed. Cruising up to a top speed of 45mph and range of up to 40 miles, the FF Lite comes with a 60V 23Ah battery. Dual most upgraded Sinewave controllers keep the ride smooth, efficient and 100% in control of acceleration and speed. The FF Lite is also the only scooter which comes with a steering damper as standard. The damper serves a great purpose in reducing any speed wobble and keeping the scooter sturdy and safer when riding. The FF lite also comes one of the best premium brake brands for effective braking power- Nutt hydraulic brakes. Dual front lights, a rear/brake light, symbolic Solar deck panel lights and front and rear blinkers to ensure safety even for your night ride.
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Box Day Sale

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The Scooter Which Requires No Maintenance

The E1 is a nimble flying machine. Boosted with a nominal 500W rear motor and a 48V 13Ah battery, the E1 can ride along for up to 23 miles depending on user weight terrain and other variables. The perfect city commuter and the perfect scooter to carry up a flight of stairs. Top speed of around 25mph. It even comes with cruise control! The E1 is designed for maintenance hassle-free rider. Solid wheels are no match for sharp objects, you will never need to worry about the annoying puncture that happens during your morning commute. Little to no adjustment with a rear drum brake system. It's nimble but comes with all essential fully integrated front and rear/brake Lights and an aesthetically pleasing rubber matt design for great grip. Its portability meaning you can take it onto any public transportation at rush hour; Fold the stem, fold the handlebars, collapse the scooter and off you go!
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