Solar E1 Electric Scooter

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The Solar E1 is designed for having fun and being used for journeys to work. Aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable and with a range of 23 Miles and a top speed of 25 mph you will cover miles and after miles. The E1 has a 500W motor and 48V battery which in turn has rapid acceleration. Built with three important aspects; speed, comfort and riding range. Intelligently designed dual suspensions at the back will keep you comfortable whether at 10 mph or at 25 mph, the front suspension will ensure the scooter can absorb road bumps carefree. The battery range of the E1 at 41km/23 Miles is one of the best ranges for an electric scooter. The Military designed puncture proof tyres will make most surfaces feel smooth and you will feel like you are gliding. Weighing an at 15kg and with a quick folding mechanism you can carry or store the scooter. 

With our brand-new electric scooter Solar E1, you will get high-quality riding experience and true comfort. The scooter features luxurious options and will allow you to get from A to B with ease. The scooter is capable of riding almost every road. Get a clear overview with the large weather-proof LCD display.


  • 3 Speed Modes - 11 KM/H, 23 KM/H, 43 KM/H -25mph
  • Cruise Control
  • Up To 41 KM / 23 Miles Range
  • Lightweight Design
  • 120 KG Maximum Load
  • Integrated Front And Rear Tail Lights
  • Capable Of Riding Up To 25° Slopes
  • 8 Inch Grip Tire
  • 3.5 Meter Braking Distance
  • Rear And Front Suspension 
  • IP54 Rating

8.0 Inch Solid & Anti-Skid Tires - Strong grip, wear-resisting and safe. It's suitable for different kinds of roads. Puncture proof, you will never need to change tires.

500W Motor - The powerful 500W motor allows the Solar E1 to operate at 3 different speed settings, hence you have full control of the scooter at all times.

Long Range Battery -  The battery life of the Solar E1 is up to 41km. Lithium ion battery packs are 50% higher than regular batteries, allowing you to run longer than other batteries, resulting in fewer recharges.

Display Screen - The large LCD display showcases the  Speed, mileage, time, power, stop, voltage, etc. Giving you all the information required to operate the Solar E1 safely.

Front LED Light & Rear light - The Solar E1 has 2 front LED lights giving a clear view in the dark, plus a rear brake and tail light for traffic behind you to be aware you are there. Safety is always a priory with Solar Scooters.

Cruise Control - The E1 is equipped with cruise control, operated by holding the acceleration button for 5-10 seconds will allow the E1 to stay at the desired speed, until the brake button is pressed.

Lightweight Design - The scooter has a great folding design and folding handles for easy storage. This makes the Solar E1 portable and easy to carry thanks to its light weight aluminum frame, which is not only total 17KG but robust at the same time. 

Adjustable Height - Adjust height between 800mm -1160mm depending on your height.

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NOTE: Please note we highly recommend to use safety equipment such as helmets, pads and gloves.

Customer Reviews

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Solar scooter

Could do with a softer Tire on the front of scooter, otherwise great item!


Brilliant scooter but how do you use cruise control and how to I turn it from kmh to mph

Everything you will need in an entry level scooter for a bargain

I don’t normally write a review but this scooter is out of this world! For the price you can’t really compare it to other entry level scooters, it is unmatchable. This scooter is something that ticks all the boxes for me, good enough speed, easy folding mechanism and suspension. With the top speed of 25mph (I hit around 27mph at tops) this thing is not a toy well for me. Folding is easy as I’m a strong person and suspension works very well. Coming from riding a scooter with no suspension, I must say this actually works, there’s also a foot stand on the rear which makes it easier to ride it. Now for the drawbacks, if you never rode a scooter you might have to practice as the torque hits you like a bomb. Breaking is not good as it is not disc brakes but if you are not being an idiot on the road, they work perfectly. Battery life seems to drain a lot on high mode but this could be the case for every e scooter. Overall this scooter is soworth to be purchased than any other entry scooter on the market for just over £500. In addition customer service is out of this world which attracted me to purchase here!!!! One of the reason why I really appreciate the company and will stay loyal if I ever need an upgrade in the future. I hope the company stay as consistent as it is because solar will probably be one of the best company to sell escooter in the future. Remember your not just buying the product, you also need a guarantee for it to work for as long as you can and solars customer service actually responds so quick on every social media platform they have and emails.

it grew on me

i didnt like it at first but it grew on me it does what it needs to do gets from A to B battery could be better but considering its size its not bad after about a good 140 miles which isnt bad the scooter has abit of play in the stem and doesnt sound too healthy when riding but could be as i did fall off once i am looking to send it back to be looked at when can find the time but scooter seemed to take it well at the time anyway no issues and worked well for months after for the price cant go wrong really its better than xiamoi scooters and other ones what are out their and youll never need new tires as they dont pop but are abit plasticy and dont work well if its wet outside but its mainly for when its sunny in my opinion good scooter would recommend

Fantastic well priced scooter

Scooter arrived in 2 days with excellent tracking. The scooter is well built, feels very sturdy, with fairly stiff steering which is actually a plus. Only been out on it four times but it's an exciting ride with great acceleration.
The solid tyres do give a bit of a rough ride, but as it's my first scooter, I've nothing to compare it to. The wide tyres give good grip and breaking is good and can handle stones etc okay but I wouldn't suggest going at speed on very rough roads or speed bumps.
The long deck gives great space for your feet and the bright rear light is great but you'll want to supplement the front light.
I love the look of the scooter but it's not too showy so won't attract attention for the speed it goes which is good on public roads. I mean it looks really good but it's stealthy in that it'll eat xioami scooters for speed but won't attract unwanted attention from police.
The cruise control only works once you've reached the top speed in whatever mode you're using, so you have to push the throttle to it's furthest point.
Breaking is good and the mechanical bell is nice and loud enough to be heard.
Biggest gripes are the display is a bit small and I can only see the speed in kmh not mph but it's no biggy. Find the folding a bit tough which is a bit annoying but the folding handle bars are a big plus. The weight at around 16kg is manageable for lifting and moving when folded. Not sure it has an IP rating so I'd avoid puddles and wouldn't use it in the rain.
Overall this is a fantastic scooter for the price, combining solid construction, good looks, good top speed and acceleration. Oh and it handles most slopes pretty well too.