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Top 5 Lightweight Electric Scooters 2023 UK: How to Choose

January 12, 2023
Top 5 Lightweight Electric Scooters 2023 UK: How to Choose

Lightweight electric scooters are ideally aimed at the user who would like to use a scooter for short riding off road on private land especially if you're on a budget. It's difficult to find anything that's both light and foldable. There are numerous electric scooters on the market, but not all are lightweight in terms of design. Some may be heavy to carry around, while others may not be compact or collapsible.

In this section, we provide the some portable lightweight electric scooters to make your purchase easier. The models listed here are among the best on the market right now for 2023.

1. Solar E1 Electric Scooter Lightweight Electric Scooter

The Solar E1 is designed for having fun witha good entry level scooter. Aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable and with a range of 23 Miles and a top speed of 25 mph you will cover miles and after miles. The E1 has a 500W motor and 48V battery which in turn has rapid acceleration. Built with three important aspects; speed, comfort and riding range. Intelligently designed dual suspensions at the back will keep you comfortable whether at 10 mph or at 25 mph, the front suspension will ensure the scooter can absorb road bumps carefree. The battery range of the E1 at 41km/23 Miles is one of the best ranges for an electric scooter. The Military designed puncture proof tires will make most surfaces feel smooth and you will feel like you are gliding. Weighing an at 33lbs and with a quick folding mechanism you can carry or store the scooter. 

With our brand-new electric scooter Solar E1, you will get high-quality riding experience and true comfort. The scooter features luxurious options and will allow you to get from A to B with ease. The scooter is capable of riding almost every road. Get a clear overview with the large weather-proof LCD display. 

Price £569.99 With Free Shipping

Lightweight Electric Scooter - Solar E1

 2. Turboant X7 Max Folding Electric Scooter

If you are an adult weighing up to 275 lbs, then the TurboAnt X7 Max electric scooter is ideal for your weight limit. With its frame manufactured using an aluminum alloy, then the X7 Max will provide a safe riding experience without worrying about this critical component falling apart on you. 

Not only is it a great ride for adults, but we also recommend experienced teenagers own this beauty. 

The frame is thick enough and this means the weight of the scooter can’t be described as ultra-portable, but generally speaking, the X7 Max scooter is one of the lightest electric scooters for adults. 

If you are an adrenaline junky, this scooter may not be a perfect choice for you since it’s only rated for a top speed of 20 mph. However, if achieving a range of more than 40 km is what you are looking to achieve.

Price £600 

3. Levy Lightweight Electric Scooter

The Levy lightweight electric scooter for adults is one of the most adaptable electric scooters for adults that features a swappable and quick-change battery system. It's lightweight and collapsible, making it ideal for daily use.

With a maximum speed of 18 mph, this lightweight scooter features 3-speed modes - beginner, ECO, and Sport modes. It also boasts a range of about 10 miles per charge, with a front motor of 350 W and efficient cruise control.

This scooter features a rear disc brake, a front electric brake, and a back fender brake system to maintain balance. It also has integrated LED headlights and a rear tail and braking light. Ride through the rain and sunshine up the dark. The Levy is small and light, weighing only 27 lb. 

Price £499 

 4. GoTrax XR Ultra Lightweight Electric Scooter

The GoTrax XR Ultra lightweight electric scooter for adults kills two birds with one stone, as it is both sturdy and high-quality. It is one of the best lightweight electric scooters on the market and folds down in seconds.

The GoTrax XR Ultra lightweight folding scooter has a remarkable top speed of 15.5 mph, making it one of the fastest folding scooters money can buy.

This GoTrax XR Ultra lightweight electric scooter has an aluminum frame and only weighs 26 pounds which is perfect if you plan on carrying it around often. The manufacturers should be appraised with a motor front of 300 W and an effective cruise control activation.

Price £449 


5. Unagi Model One Electric Scooter

Most users are fascinated by the Unagi Model One electric scooter's smooth and eye-catching look. It's rather compact and lightweight for its size, making it a perfect scooter to carry around with you because it folds up effortlessly.

Despite its small size, the Unagi Model One E350 boasts a powerful 350 W motor that can drive riders up to 20 mph. Its battery ranges about 15.5 miles and takes about 4 hours to charge fully.

Additionally, the Unagi Model One pieces are carbon fiber. Also, the front and rear disc brakes provide excellent stopping capability. The tires, which are constructed of durable rubber, are one of the model's highlights. With $790, you can get this electric scooter and enjoy an amazing ride.

 Price £700

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