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Introducing the Solar EQ Electric Scooter

January 24, 2023
Introducing the Solar EQ Electric Scooter

We have just released our newest edition to the Solar Line Up! The Solar EQ

Designed for the purpose of longevity, less maintenance and a sturdy ride, this scooter is the answer for an electric scooter which is suitable for everyday use.
Featuring a new 2023 sleek design incorporating a chassis with minimal exposed parts, the Solar EQ is a compact scooter with features such as sidelights, front and rear indicators, dual motor drive using Sinewave technology. The scooter adopts the newest folding mechanism which has a strong hinge that's reinforced with a clamp. The front quad suspensions are equipped with hydraulic spring shocks. The rear features a single full-suspension shock which is capable of soaking up any impact, increasing rider control and holding up to 150kg of user weight. 
The Solar EQ also features the brand new throttle featured on the popular FF Lite model. Integrated key start within the display keeps the bar free of excessive buttons or instruments. The display is designed so the scooter can be used in three different driving modes:  front single, rear single or dual motor mode. 

Sinewave Technology

The Solar EQ uses two large upgraded sinewave controllers for the smoothest ride on an electric scooter. Sinewave controllers reduce noise, dissipate heat and allow better handling. Overtime it provides higher motor efficiency especially during climbing steep inclines or carrying heavy load. It has regenerative braking and less heat build up, which outputs a higher top speed for the same battery voltage. Sinewave controllers have more and predictable control of all operations than those without.

Launch Mode

A launch so responsive, every acceleration brings tears of joy to the eyes! Every now and again everyone needs an adrenaline rush, a feeling so unreal, something from outer space. This is what Launch Mode is on the EQ. When enabled, be ready and hold on tight with all your safety gear on. This will truly be an experience you would want to feel again and again. Power, Speed and Launch !

 Smart Colourful Display With 360° Lighting

 The Solar EQ electric scooter is equipped with a brand new display used on the FF Lite model. The display has a colourful tone displaying all the vital information needed to run your Solar EQ. Mileage per trip, odometer, amps, speed, electric braking as well as an integrated key are all features of the new display. The EQ is one of the few scooters which has integrated indicator lights on a scooter, with a switch of a button you may indicate to go left or right. The indicators are built within the chassis on the front and back giving maximum visibility for others to see you. The EQ  also has a beautiful yellow/orange LED light on both sides of the scooter, the inbuilt strip is encased to prevent any damage or the light peeling away after usage. The LED light does make the scooter look incredible in the evenings as well let your presence be known to other vehicles. 


See the official unboxing video below!

Order the EQ here:

Lewis Martin
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