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Escooter GPS Tracker using Apple 'AirTags'

May 04, 2021
Escooter GPS Tracker using Apple 'AirTags'

Easy and Simple Escooter GPS Tracking

With the recent spike in thefts it is now more important than ever to keep our escooters safe. 

With the release of Apple's new AirTags, it has never been easier or cheaper to add GPS location tracking to your escooter. At £29 for one AirTag, we believe this is great value for adding such an important safety feature on your escooter.

Simply install the AirTag onto your handlebars using a rubber mount, or remove the top lid and store away inside the scooters body. If your escooter ever gets lost or stolen, simply use your iPhone to track down it's location down to a few feet using the built-in 'FindMy' App, it's that simple.

*Note that Solar Scooters are not endorsed by Apple, nor are we in partnership with them -- We just believe they have a great product for this use case*

You can get more information and order an AirTag from the Apple website at:

AirTag - Apple (UK)


Lewis Martin
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