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Solar M1 Electric Scooter

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The Solar M1 is designed to impress around the neighbourhood, with sleek styling and a double braking system this scooter is not only economical but efficient as well. With a top speed of 15mph the M1 will cover up to 13.5 miles on a full charge. The electronic accelerator and left hand brake will take you minutes to familiarise, with hours and hours of fun in front of you. The M1 can carry up to 120kg. Weighing a light 12kg and with a quick folding mechanism you can carry or store the scooter. 

The M1 has a comfortable riding experience with a LED display ensuring you are aware of your speed and battery life at all times. Equipped with a dual braking system you will be in full control over the scooter and will brake with ease and no jolts.


  • Maximum Speed  0 - 25 KM/H -15 mph
  • Up To 21 km / 13 Miles Range - dependent on user weight and terrain 
  • Lightweight Design
  • 120 kg Maximum Load
  • Integrated Front And Rear Tail Lights
  • Capable Of Riding Up To 15° Slopes
  • 8.5 Inch Pneumatic tube Tyres
  • 4 Meter Braking Distance
  • Dual Breaking System

8.5 Inch Solid & Anti-Skid Tyres - Strong grip, wear-resisting and safe. It's suitable for different kinds of roads and designed for a smooth trip when commuting.

E - ABS dual braking system - Electronic ABS anti-lock brake system for the front wheel, and disk brake system for the rear wheel. The dual-braking system efficiently enhances the braking response to ensure you a much safer riding experience, with no jolts when braking. 

350W Motor - The powerful  350W motor allows the Solar M1 to accelerate quickly and safely with full control of speed.

Good Range Battery -  The battery life of the Solar X1 is up to 21 km. The Solar M1 Lithium battery packs are 50% higher in capacity than regular batteries, making them last longer with more efficiency. 

LED Display Screen - The LED display ensures full view of the speed and battery life at all times of use, keeping you informed and in control of the scooter. The single main button will be able to control, the light, speed and settings of the scooter.

Front head Light & Rear light - The Solar M1 has a front single headlight giving view of 6 meters in front. Plus a rear brake and tail light for traffic behind you, making them aware you are there. Safety is always a priory with Solar Scooters.

Ergonomic Design - The M1 scooter has a great sleek design with comfort being an important aspect when designed. This makes the Solar M1 portable and easy to carry thanks to its 12kg weight and robust aluminum frame.

Colour Options - The M1 can be selected in black or white colour.

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NOTE: Please note we highly recommend to use safety equipment such as helmets, pads and gloves.

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