Solar P1 Electric Scooter - Black

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The Solar P1 2.0 is the SUV of stand up electric scooters. With exceptionally TWO powerful brushless 1200W motors outputting a whopping 2400W of power, you will be zooming for miles and miles with a big smile. A large lithium battery allows the P1 to travel a massive range of 30 miles on a single charge, no more worrying about losing battery range. Cruising to a top speed of up to 40 mph, the Solar P1 is one of the fastest and best designed electric scooters in the world. The epitome of electric scooters. The P1 is equipped with 4 suspensions at the front, and one big suspension at the rear, for better stability at higher speeds. This in turn will allow all vibrations and bumps to be absorbed by the scooter, leaving you in comfort at all times.

The Solar P1 2.0 comes in two options off with a seat and without a seat. The P1 also has one of the best maximum rider weight capacities of 150 kg. Controlling the speed of the P1 scooter is very straight forward at the click of an accelerator throttle on the scooter. With an added key start the P1 can be only started with the key, enhancing the safety aspect. Both the front and rear tyres have custom designed disc brakes for maximum control in braking with minimum force required. A new rear LED light has also been integrated in the rear fender. Plus, folding away the scooter is at ease with a click of a button.


    • 3 Speed Modes - 25 KM/H, 45 KM/H, 65 KM/H -40mph
    • Up To 50 KM / 30 Miles Range
    • 2 x 1200W motors (2400W in total) 52V 18Ah
    • Lightweight Alloy Design
    • 150 KG Maximum Load
    • Integrated Front And Rear Tail Lights
    • Capable Of Riding Up To 45° Slopes
    • 10” pneumatic tyres
    • 3.5 Meter Braking Distance
    • 1 Rear And 4 Front Suspensions - UPGRADED TO STRONGER SUSPENSIONS
    • Dual disc brakes + electronic brake
    • Electronic safety horn
    • Quick release locking or folding mechanism
    • Weight 25kg Approx
    • IP54 Rating
    • New feature - Key start with voltage check 
    • New feature - Rear permanent safety light 
    • New feature - Enhanced battery 52V 18AH

Long Range Battery - The P1 has one of the best Lithium-ion batteries which runs the 2400w motors giving a travelling range of up to 50km. The battery has been designed to allow the P1 to run for longer with fewer charges required, and fitted below the deck to give the best weight distribution for a smooth ride.

Speed - With 3 speed modes at your disposal of 25 KM/H, 45 KM/H, 65 KM/H, the P1 will always remain in your control. Whether you would like to commute to work at a normal speed or take the scooter to a hilly field at full speed, the scooter will remain responsive at all times. A very easy to use electronic hand accelerator will control the speed of the scooter.

Dual Or Single Motor - The P1 can be driven by the powerful single or dual motor. The single motor mode will only use one wheel to drive the scooter, where as the dual motor mode will use both wheels. This will release the scooter in a pedigree of its own with great power, handling and speed, making it effectively dual wheel drive, and in a class of its own.

Key Start - The upgraded P1 2.0 will now include a key start, this has been designed and integrated into the scooter handle bar. Adding on safety this key lock will ensure no one can have access to the scooter except the owner. 

10 Inch Pneumatic & Anti-Skid On Road Tyres - Equipped with 10 inch tyres designed to be used on and off road, the P1 tyres have been designed to go through the most vigorous of environments. These anti-skid tyres will remain strong and grounded even when using the scooter at maximum speed.

Smart LCD Display Screen - The large LCD display showcases the speed, mileage, time, power, stop, voltage, etc. Giving you all the information required to operate the Solar P1 safely.

USB Charging Port - The P1 has in built USB charging port which can be used to charge your phone on the go, this is located behind the Smart LCD Screen.

Front LED Laser Light & Rear light Upgrade- The Solar P1  has a large front Laser focused light giving a clear view in the dark for up to 10 meters, plus a rear brake and tail light for traffic behind you to be aware you are there. Safety is always a priory with Solar Scooters. The upgraded P1 will now include a permanent light which will stay on in line with the front LED's, this has been integrated into the rear mudguard off the P1.

45° Inclines - Hilly roads or fields can be a difficult obstacle for many, however the Solar P1 can manage to ride up to 45° slopes, gliding you along with its powerful dual motors.

Suspensions - The P1 has a custom designed suspension on the front with 4 shock absorbers fitted, absorbing maximum vibrations caused by bumps or travelling at highs speeds. A massive rear shock absorber keeps the scooter balanced hence can take on any terrain. The suspension has been updated too much stronger suspensions. 

Dual Disc Brakes - Equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels of the P1, braking has never been easier and more comfortable on such a powerful scooter. The braking system which is partly electronic will keep braking at ease. The P1 also has rear large fender , this prevents any back splash from water or dirt keeping the scooter deck clean.

Wide deck - The wide deck is designed so that riding can be more enjoyable with more foot room leading to longer commutes being comfortable.

150 KG Maximum Load - The P1 can carry a maximum 150kg making it one of the best power to weight ratio scooters.

Adjustable Height - Uniquely designed height levels. Adjust height between 1100mm - 1350mm depending on your height.

Seat - The P1 can  be purchased with or without a seat. The Seat option scooter can be used with a seat or without a seat. The Seat is also installed with suspension to provide extra comfort when seated and riding the scooter.

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NOTE: We highly recommend to use safety equipment such as helmets, pads and gloves.

The Solar P1 is one of the top scooters available, limited in supply and exclusively available on

Customer Reviews

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I used to ride my Triumph Tiger…

I used to ride my Triumph Tiger motorcycle to work every day. Since receiving my P1, I have been using it every day to commute to and from work. I wear my armoured motorcycle jacket under a high viz waterproof cycling jacket and full face motorcycle helmet as I travel at around 30MPH for 6 miles each way. It takes the same amount of time as riding the motorcycle, except its free and eco friendly (mainly free). I have fallen from the scooter once at walking pace, when stepping off, going for the front brake lever, but pulling the accelerator lever in error instead, causing a wheelie (hello floor! Haha).

Fantastic and exhilarating experience riding my powerful, fast P1. I also use my P1 to go shopping and joy riding. I love it. I haven't ridden my motorcycle for weeks.

Your customer service is great (emails are replied to within minutes) and the availability of spare parts and accessories are good too.

The owner's manual leaves some useful information out though. Such as how to set and adjust the time clock for example. Apart from that, I recommend the P1 to anyone who seems interested in Scooters. 

Thank you
Steve (aged 60).

Kulraj Ahluwalia
Second wind

I’m in my 60’s can’t walk about or ride a bike like I used too, this machine is nuts don’t get one if you’re thinking of growing old gracefully. And 25kg is a lot heavier then it used to be. it’s to cold for me at the moment can’t wait for the summer

lee stokes

Excellent scooter, get it👍

Marek Oleinik
Fast scooter but a few problems…

Arrived within 2 days, first impressions were great although it all started when the lamp was loose, had to ride in the dark while the lamp was facing down which wasn’t the greatest experience. It seemed like Solar has very little interest in improving their headlights which is dangerous as that’s your only source of light in the dark. Even after properly setting up the light the view is very narrow. In addition there’s quite a lot of rattling while riding caused by the cheap light design.

About 2 weeks later I was riding and the back tire went flat it wasn’t a puncture as the tire wouldn’t hold any air at all and there’s no way I had a puncture that large. Later I noticed the valve was pulled out a little bit, I had no idea how and was letting all the air out. This is a pain in ass since I have to now seek service over something so simple.

2 issues stopping it from a 5 star scooter so far although everything else looks to be up to standard.

Grant Harvey
A day at solar

Went to see Adam at solar scooters today to fix minor issue. What a great guy he is was happy to educate me with maintenance 100% everyone needs a half hour maintenance with Adam.
Nice to meet Sam what a lovely lady (busy bee) thank you grant